IL PUNTO (The Point) is an international cultural center based in Volterra-Italy, started in 2018 by the visual artist & creative director Majid Modir.

A platform where art meets education, in a large sense!
We plan various activities such as workshops, seminars, competitions and festivals: the WATERCOLOR SCHOOL is the very first step.

In 2018-2019 we successfully arranged 10 workshops in Italy, Sweden and The Nederlands in collaboration with Urban Sketchers , Volterra-Detroit Foundation and some other local culture organisations. You can read more about how it started on PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS.

In 2020 due to the Covid-19 the activities have been limited by now. We had to postpone the regular workshops (May & September) to 2021.
And the intended Watercolor Festival will hopefully happen in the following year. 

However, in the beginning of 2020 in Volterra we have successfully arranged couple of courses for children: Laboratorio di aquarello per bambini e ragazzi. More about this successful happening on the PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS.

And the week of watercolor adventure in Sweden Akvarellkurs on the beautiful island Dyrön, with 3 days courses for two groups was a big success too! Read & see more about the event on the PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS.

Finally, in AUTUMN 2020, we begin with a new workshop format:
Watercolor Workshop Weekend
And arrange two initial events in Germany – in November!
We start in Cologne and continue in Berlin in the following week.
More about these events on the WORKSHOPS 2020.