Plein-air & Studio Workshop Weekend at the sculpture parks of Mille’s Garden and Modern Museum in Stockholm
Saturday & Sunday 30-31 January 2021

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3 days watercolor workshop on the island Dyrön (Sweden), 10-16.8
Group 1 with the guest teacher Mikael Jacobsson
Group 2 with the guest teacher Martin Ehrling

Watch the VIDEO about our watercolor adventures!


In the beginning of 2020 in Volterra we have successfully arranged couple of courses for children: Laboratorio di aquarello per bambini e ragazzi We have carried them out together with italian artist Ilaria Torgnarini and had a lot of fun!


Watch HERE the selected images from those workshops!


4 workshops (one week each) in Volterra

Watch the VIDEO with selected images from these workshops!


3 days workshops in Den Haag (The Nederlands), July 20-22 in collaboration with Urban Sketchers

Watch the VIDEO with selected images from this workshop!


2 days watercolor workshop on the island Tjörnekalv (Sweden), August 19-20

Watch the VIDEO with selected images from this workshop!



The annual Volterra sketch workshops started by Simo Capecchi at Villa le Guadalupe and in collaboration with Urban Sketchers in 2010.
Since 2017 the workshops have been conducted by Majid Modir and also developed specifically to ”Watercolor Workshops” two times a year (May and September editions).

Each year has been planed within a specific educational aim and unique topic  connected to certain locations, and each edition has been accompanied by a known watercolor instructor as the guest artist:

2019, “Catch the Light, Find the Dark, Feel the Green” with focus on Light & Colors, guest artists: Maru Godas (May edition), Shari Blaukopf (September edition)

2018, ”Discovering abandoned places in Tuscany” with focus on Values, guest artist: Anders Mohlin (May edition), Kelly Medford (September edition)

2017, ”Frame the world, differently!” with focus on Compositions, guest artists: Mikael Jacobsson (May edition), Kelly Medford (September edition)

Watch the video with selected images as example of a workshop!